Tavarua Island Resort


Located on a tiny island off the coast of Fiji, Tavarua Island Resort is a luxury resort for surfers, couples, and families. With two of the best waves in the world nearby Tavarua is on every surfer’s bucket list. Each year they host the World Surf League’s Fiji Pro event where the world’s best surfers compete on the world’s best waves. But competition has been growing and their website not keeping pace with the growth of their brand and their position as premium luxury resort.


We worked closely with the Tavarua stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities for the company. We conducted an audit of the digital marketing infrastructure, looked at quantitative and qualitative data, and talked to customers. We detailed our recommendations in an in-depth strategy document that gave Tavarua a detailed roadmap for their digital marketing. The biggest opportunity was to redesign the website as a mobile first experience and update the visual design to position Tavarua as a premium surf resort. We implemented a new more intuitive navigation and developed a system of content modules to empower Tavarua employees to build new pages as needed.


The conversion rate for the lead acquisition form increased by 34%. There was an increase of 56% for mobile, 37% for tablet, and 8% for desktop for time on site. The bounce rate improved by 9%.

Website: https://www.tavarua.com